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  • Peeled rye flour (whole wheat flour)
Peeled rye flour (whole wheat flour)
  • Peeled rye flour (whole wheat flour)

Peeled rye flour (whole wheat flour)

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Wholesale: 5000 UAH from 1 t.
Brand:Гринд Милл
Country of manufacture:Ukraine

Rye is one of popular and useful cereal cultures. In comparison with wheat grain, in rye there is a bigger content of irreplaceable amino acids, necessary for the person. Therefore rye bakery products find broad application in dietology. They are useful to people with an excess weight, to elderly people and the suffering diabetes.

Thanks to the considerable content of vegetable cellulose, rye bread improves digestion of food, strengthens a gastrointestinal tract vermicular movement. In rye flour of useful fructose in 5 times more, than in wheat flour. Content in rye flour of acid linolenovy well affects work of heart, the people preferring rye bread.

The lack of the vitamin group B important for the correct functioning of nervous system does not threaten with at what diet there is a rye. Considerable content in rye flour of vitamins and minerals does it necessary for people. Therefore now use of such flour in the bakery industry considerably extended. Rye flour is applied even in production of desserts.

Rye flour it:

• well of the most rare minerals;

• natural qualitative product;

• domestic available goods.

Due to the aforesaid, trade, rye flour is profitable and actual business. We recommend to pay attention to peeled rye flour which is made and realized wholesale parties by the Ukrainian company "Duca plus". You will acquire qualitative goods at the moderate price, and in face of the company - the producer of the stable and reliable partner.

Brand:Гринд Милл
Country of manufacture:Ukraine
Kind of flour:Rye
Weight: на вес g
Information is up-to-date: 12.02.2018

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